Tuition and Fees

Reap the Benefits.

Earning a Masters degree is an unparalleled investment in your future, and the return isn’t only a financial one.

If you have questions about how to finance your JHU degree, please reach out to an admissions counselor for assistance:

Tuition Fee Price
Application Fee (All Programmes) NGN 5,000
Acceptance Deposit (non-refundable/applies toward overall tuition) 5% of Total Tuition
Faculty Fee NGN 5,000
2024-25 Degree Programmes Per-Semester Rate* Total Programme
PGD Management NGN 625,000 NGN 1,250,000
M.Sc. Economic Development and Policy Analysis NGN 562,500 NGN 2,250,000
M.Sc. Employment Relations and Human Resource Management NGN 562,500 NGN 2,250,000
M.Sc. Finance NGN 625,000 NGN 2,500,000
M.Sc. Fintech and Analytics NGN 875,000 NGN 3,500,000
M.Sc. Innovation, Intrapreneurship, and Entrepreneurship NGN 875,000 NGN 3,500,000
Full-time MBA NGN 1,250,000 NGN 5,000,000
Executive MBA (Starts January 2025) NGN 2,250,000 NGN 9,000,000

**Subject to annual tuition increase in 2025-26

Billing Schedule

Registered students are expected to pay the per-semester rate by the last day of the first month of classes each semester. For the 2024-25 Academic year, the deadlines are as follows:

  • Monday, September 30, 2024
  • Friday, January 31, 2025

Students who pay the Total Programme rate prior to the end of the first month of classes are exempt from tuition increases; they are responsible for any additional fees (excursions, student activity fees, etc.).

2024/2025: Tuition Refund Schedule

  • End of the day of the second Friday of Classes: 100%
  • End of the day of the fourth Friday of Classes: 80%
  • End of the day of the fifth Friday of Classes: 60%
  • End of the day of the sixth Friday of Classes: 30%

Additional Information

Fees for academic programmes are subject to change and may be adjusted to account for annual price increases.

All admitted students must place a non-refundable deposit to reserve their place in the programme.

Students are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements and costs. However, plans have been made with short let apartments and hotel owners around Lekki for a negotiated and discounted rate. Further information on accommodation could be obtained from the Registrars’/admission office.

Students who register and decide not to attend the university or choose to withdraw during the year must inform the Registrar’s Office in writing with a withdrawal form or letter. Non-attendance at classes does not constitute withdrawal. Students who stop their studies without formally withdrawing are not eligible for a refund or any form of financial adjustment. A refund schedule will be posted prior to the start of the semester.

Late/Delayed Payments

James Hope University students are not allowed to pre-register, register or graduate without first settling any outstanding balance owed to the university. In addition, students are not allowed to carry balances over from one academic year into the next; all back balances must be paid in full prior to registration.

Student who do not meet payment due date or other requirements for financial clearance will be charged a NGN25,000 late payment fee. In addition to the late payment fee, students who have not obtained financial clearance are barred from registering for courses and other Registrar services, such as ordering official certificates or registration, academic transcripts and diplomas. If students continue to be delinquent on their outstanding balance, they will be reviewed by the Dean’s Office for cancellation of enrolment, as outlined in the JHU Student Handbook.

Students are given ample notice via email before penalties are assessed. Students must contact the office of the Registrar at as soon as any extenuating circumstances arise which prevent them from resolving their outstanding balance.