Welcome to James Hope University

James Hope University, located in Lekki, Lagos, is committed to the highest standards of international education. We aspire to integrate global models of academic excellence to advance the knowledge economy, further innovations and breakthroughs, and rapidly propel the economic and sociocultural lives of humanity. Through strategic partnerships with leading global academic institutions and crucial enablers, JHU is launching its School of Business, one distinguished by academic excellence and cutting-edge formation of future professionals. Funding of JHU is robust. The University is being built by Mr. Jim Ovia, Founder of Zenith Bank, through his nonprofit foundation. The university will pilot its MBA programs in September 2023.

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The mission of James Hope University is to educate and inspire men and women to excel in every aspect of life, and to exert lasting positive impacts on the world.


James Hope University aspires to endow generations of graduates with top-notch transformative education, to enable innovations and discoveries, propel the knowledge economy, and shape a better world.

The future

James Hope University aims to become a global institution, building on its upcoming reputation as a provider of world-class business education globally in Lagos, Nigeria, the largest economy and an emerging market in Africa. James Hope University is open to recruiting international students to deliver unparalleled, world-class educational programming to the future leaders of Nigeria and West Africa.

Our Impact

Over the next decade, the University will expand its academic programming and service to the community through forming partnerships with top global industry change-makers and fellow educational institutions. Our ambition is to reimagine how institutions of higher education can serve and transform their regions and the world through providing unparalleled, academically rigorous degrees.

We also aim to grow the international community on our campus in Lagos to become the institution of choice for students from Nigeria, other regions of Africa, and around the world.