Master of Science - Innovation, Intrapreneurship & Entrepreneurship

The Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship prepares you to create new ventures or pursue successful careers as investment professionals and in innovation-related roles within established organizations.

This degree is a highly specialized one. It focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to drive innovation within existing organizations (intrapreneurship) and to establish and lead new ventures (entrepreneurship).

This programme is designed for individuals who are passionate about innovation, want to drive change within existing companies, or are aspiring entrepreneurs.

This M.Sc. degree combines the best of business acumen with innovative thinking. It is tailored for people who want to be at the forefront of change, whether by creating new ventures, revitalizing existing businesses, or driving innovation in various sectors.

As the business world continually evolves, and as innovation remains a critical driver of competitive advantage, the skills and knowledge from this degree are highly valuable and in high demand.


  • 3 Core Courses (8 credit hours)
  • 6 Concentration Area Courses (16 credit hours)
  • 3 Elective Courses (6 credit hours
  • 1 Thesis (6 credit hours)

Both core and elective courses for the M.Sc. in Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship programme may vary significantly, depending on student interests and faculty expertise.

Core Courses

  • Accounting for Managers (2 credit hours)
  • Entrepreneurial Finance (3 credit hours)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3 credit hours)

Concentration Area Courses

Students who choose to specialize are required to select one of the two concentrations below.

New Venture Concentration

  • Start-up Launch I (3 credit hours)
  • Technology Commercialization and Concept Validation (3 credit hours)
  • Technology and New Product Development (2 credit hours)
  • Managing the Emerging Enterprise (2 credit hours)
  • Market Entry Strategies (3 credit hours)
  • Business Model Innovation (3 credit hours)

Innovation within the Corporation’s Concentration

  • Technology and New Product Development (2 credit hours)
  • Market Entry Strategies (3 credit hours)
  • Managing Innovation within the Corporation (3 credit hours)
  • Business Model Innovation (3 credit hours)
  • The Entrepreneurial Experience (3 credit hours)
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship and Strategic Renewal (2 credit hours)

Elective Courses

Students choose any three courses from the following electives, in consultation with their academic advisor.

  • International Business Management (2 credit hours)
  • International Marketing Decision Making (2 credit hours)
  • Global E-Business Marketing (2 credit hours)
  • Cross-Cultural Management Analysis (2 credit hours)
  • Marketing Management (2 credit hours)
  • Organizational Behaviour (2 credit hours)
  • Principles of Leadership (2 credit hours)
  • Managing the Emerging Enterprise (2 credit hours)


Entrepreneurial Project or Thesis:  A capstone project where students apply their learning to a real-world entrepreneurial venture or research topic.

Entrepreneurial Skills Workshops: Practical workshops on topics such as pitching, networking, and business planning.

Guest Speaker Series: Talks and seminars from successful entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts.

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