The History of James Hope University

The idea of establishing the James Hope University emanated from the philanthropic activities of Mr. Jim Ovia, CRN. Throughout his career, his ambition has never been limited to business success and prosperity. He had always felt very strongly about his country and fellow Nigerians and believed that whatever success he could achieve should also benefit Nigeria. In May 2013, he established the James Hope College Foundation, a not-for-profit initiative to establish excellent primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions. The Foundation has established James Hope College, a secondary school of excellence, originally at Agbor in Delta State. 

James Hope University Campus

The success of the James Hope College, the continued support of many stakeholders, the prodding of the National Universities Commission, the desire to take the vision of the James Hope Foundation to the highest level of education, and the need to train much needed human capital at the tertiary level so as to transform society have all combined in making the Foundation decide that it was time to establish James Hope University.

With the decision of the Proprietor to establish the University, a Planning and Implementation Committee (PIC) made up of seasoned academicians and other experts was constituted to put together the take-off plans for the establishment of the University. The University obtained its operating license from the Federal Government of Nigeria through the NUC in 2021; its management is currently recruiting students to its inaugural postgraduate degree programs.

James Hope University shall take advantage of the opportunity created by the Government for private Universities’ ownership in Nigeria to nurture an institution devoted and dedicated to service and excellence. Accordingly, the University shall ensure that it fully complies with the stipulations of the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) established by the National Universities Commission (NUC), other national guidelines, and global best practices.

Logo and Seal

The logo of the James Hope University depicts a shield resting on a ribbon with the motto of the University written across it. The name of the University encompasses the shield and the ribbon. The shield is divided into three parts. A stack of books, an academic building, and a burning torch are enclosed in the middle part of the shield.

The shield represents power and defence, which the University hopes to provide against illiteracy to all who pass through it. The stack of books represents knowledge and scholarship, which are the main activities of the University. The academic building represents excellent scholarship, which the University hopes to excel in and to impart in its graduates. The burning torch represents hope as a core value of the University, which it aspires to imbue in each graduate to enable them excel and prosper.

The Motto

The motto for the James Hope University is aimed to inspire and motivate staff and students of the University. The motto is Magnitudine sue spe et educatione in Latin, which means “Hope and education for greatness” in English. The motto connotes the notion that the University shall give hope to its staff and students and sound knowledge to enable them achieve greatness so as to impact the growth and progress of society. It also connotes that the University shall in itself be a source of hope and education for the greatness of mankind and progress of society by dedicating itself to excellent research and development.